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Fundraising Tips

We’ve put together some handy (and easy to action) tips to help you kickstart your fundraising. Follow our new fundraising milestone journey and earn some exciting prizes as you reach key milestones! There are 8 achievement badges to collect.

Customise your online fundraising page – Get personal

To make your fundraising page as effective as possible, upload a personal photo and make your messaging your own. Let everyone know what you are doing to help raise funds for Humpty Dumpty Foundation and why.

Share your personal story with family and friends. Research shows that if people can connect with your story and why you are supporting the cause they are more likely to donate.

Spread the word

Tell everyone you know how amazing you are. Running in the Balmoral Burn is a massive effort, let’s be honest Awaba Street is one of the steepest streets in Sydney. Even though it is only 420metres – it is all up hill and it BURNS!! Your job now is to tell everyone you know what you are doing

  • Sharing is caring. Don’t be shy. Share your fundraising page on your social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to encourage others to get involved and donate.
  • Don’t forget to use e-mail! The old-fashioned way can also be effective. Circulate e-mails to those who would not use social media and even change your e-mail signature to inform people about your fantastic fundraising.
  • Get your company involved. Many companies encourage staff to participate in charitable events and fundraising. So why not ask if you could be featured on the company website/company newsletter. Some very generous companies offer a donation-matching scheme where they will match the amount of money an employee raises.


Don’t forget to ask in person. People find it difficult to say no face-to-face. It is also easier to explain your fundraising efforts in person and it’s a good conversation starter!

The number one reason people donate to charities is because they were asked. The more people you ask to support you, the more funds you will raise and the more kids we can help…so start asking.

Aim high

Set a goal and decide how much money you would like to raise. Keep everyone updated on your progress. People will want to help you reach that goal. The trick is to post regular updates

Self donation

Kick start your fundraising with a donation from yourself. There is no harm in self donation. It will show people how serious and determined you are to raise money for Humpty. Try make it a generous one too - people tend to match amounts already donated. If people see a $50 donation, your next supporter is most likely to match it.

Get crafty

Print out posters/flyers and make them eye catching. Place them around work/your neighbourhood and entice people to donate to your fundraising page. 

Follow up

People may have missed your e-mails/social media posts and posters. Don’t be afraid to send out friendly reminders. People may have been too busy to action when they first saw and need a little push to action.

Keep your page updated so when you do ask again, they can see how far you’ve come. Tell everyone how fit (or otherwise!) you are feeling and how much money you’ve raised so far.

Keep Fundraising

A significant amount of donations is received after the event has finished. Continue to fundraise when your event is over and update your fundraising page again and send it to your contacts. This is a great way of informing those who have supported you know you have achieved your goal and prompting anyone who still hasn’t donated to do so.

Be sure to say THANK YOU

Be sure to say a big thank you to your generous donors and supporters by updating your fundraising page and letting them know how you got on and how much you raised.

Make it as personal as you can whether it be a big or small donation, every dollar will help the Humpty Dumpty Foundation fund vital medical equipment for children in hospital.

Humpty is here to help

If you are looking for more exciting fundraising ideas or questions. Please feel free to contact us on 02 9419 2410 or at humpty@humpty.com.au

We are always more than happy to help.

See you on the Hill – Sunday 30 May.