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My name is Lauren, I am 11 years old, and I am the Junior Ambassador for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

This incredible foundation buys medical equipment to help save the lives of sick children in hospitals all around Australia. They donated the medical equipment that helped keep me alive after I had my first operation when I was only 3 days old. In 11 years I have spent almost 1000 days in hospital, and had to be really brave through 130 operations.

On Sunday, the 26th May, I will be competing in the Balmoral Burn for the very first time. I really want to raise money so the Humpty Dumpty Foundation can buy desperately needed medical equipment to help sick babies and children in Hospitals all around Australia, just like they have helped me so many times.

My legs aren’t very strong, but I am going to be very brave and join my family in walking together to make it all the way up the big hill that is the famous Balmoral Burn, in the Parent and Child event. Lots of my special hospital friends will be joining me, and I would love it if you can walk with us as well. I know I am going to make it all the way to the top if the whole Humpty Family is walking with me!

Please help make every step I take count by donating to my page. Now that my first target of $100 for every one of me operations is almost in reach, I'm asking you all to keep the donations coming so that I can raise at least $26,000 to buy desperately needed medical equipment for 3 hospitals that are very special to me.

You can help by giving as generously as you can using the 'Donate' button.

I would really appreciate it if you can share this page with all your family and friends - sharing is caring and it will help us spread the word about this amazing community event.

On behalf of all the families who have sick children in hospitals all around Australia, I really want to thank you for your generosity!

My Updates

24 May 2019

Only 2 more days until the big race and I am so incredibly grateful for the support from every single person who has donated, sent kind messages or signed up to joined me on race day!

Every single donation will allow Humpty to purchase medical equipment to help save sick little babies and children all over Australia just like they helped keep me alive through all my 130 operations.

The equipment I want to donate saves lives. Please donate so other children can go home from hospital!

22 May 2019

Thank you to everyone for your support in helping me to raise money so that sick children in Hospitals all around Australia can make it home to their families. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to walk alongside me as we he'd up the Balmoral Burn this Sunday.

I have to say a very special thank you to Humpty's Patron Ray Martin (I call him Uncle Ray), who is going to walk side by side with me on Sunday. It will be his first time completing the Burn as well!

18 May 2019

We have passed the $2000 mark!! Thanks so much everyone who has donated. I promise you that your donation is going to help buy equipment that is really needed to help other sick children.

This is another photo of me attached to Humpty Equipment. If you look really closely you can see the yellow Humpty Sticker!

10 May 2019

On Monday my Page will change Lauren's Team so everyone can join me walking up the hill and help me reach my target of $13,000. I know it's a big target but it represents only $100 for every operation I have had so far.
Please think about joining my team and helping me reach my goal. We will be able to help so many other children and babies get better!!

10 May 2019

This is the reason I want to raise money to donate medical equipment. This is one of the hundreds of photo's taken of me attached to all the equipment that has kept me alive in hospital. I only like happy photo's so I uploaded one where I am smiling waiting to go into theatre for one of my 130 operations. Do you like my special red hat?

Thank you so much for supporting me so we can donate medical equipment and help other children get better!

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