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This team of young inflatable athletes and valiant fund-raisers, has been inspired by a young Archie Akers who has Humpty Dumpty to thank for where he is today.

/ What was the story that inspired this team?

Unexpectedly (as it no doubt is for most), Archie was born 3 months earlier (and a few kilograms lighter) than planned. He's now 2 years old and very healthy and mischievous, undoubtedly aided by the fantastic work Humpty Dumpty do.

Throughout his 12 week stint in hospital, the team at the neonatal ICU at RPA (underpinned by Humpty Dumpty's work) were exceptional and made a world of difference. His parents, Tim and Francesca, will be forever grateful for the 12 weeks of amazing care, expertise and humour they brought which markedly reduced the stress of the situation and markedly improved Archie’s growth and development.

None of what they did would be possible without the work Humpty Dumpty does.

Accordingly, we are all inspired by, and grateful for, the work of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation - a children’s charity that provides vital and often life-saving medical equipment in nearly 500 hospitals all over Australia.

/ Why are we doing this dressed as inflatable babies?

Whilst running up a steep hill is not particularly hard (with or without an inflatable baby suit), doing what the RPA and the Humpty Dumpty team did for Archie truly is and they need more funding to keep doing this for thousands of Archie’s being born across Australia each year.

Our hope is the sight of a gaggle of over-sized babies running up this hill (rather than the one solitary trail-blazing inflatable baby as was the case in 2023) will raise more attention for this already incredible charity.

So please help us help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Donate' button. The more people that know about Humpty Dumpty Foundation, the greater their impact.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

Team Members

Tim Akers
Kim Nijher
Neal Roebuck
Kilian Dixon
Justin Travlos
Kyle Hawthorne
Cillian Melly
Conor Power
Rocco Gangemi
Adam Colley
Daniel Walley
Alex Tindall
Andrew Collins
Craig Whyte
Giselle Park
Ben Dickinson
David McGrath
Callum Grieves
Adam Jones
Richard Gregory
Toby Gibbs
Mackenzie NewtonJones
Jordan Marshall
Bryan McMahon
Will Sealey
Rory Warnock
Yousef Al-Asfour
Kurt Schmatloch