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I remember this day so clearly, I have never felt more scared in my life and I had no control feeling completely helpless. Alexander’s life hanging in the balance and his life support ventilator continuing to pump air into his lungs barely keeping him alive. There was steroids, antibiotics, diaretics and muscle relaxers all going through his tiny veins but he was deteriorating. Alarms would go off, his heart rate would drop, oxygen would increase to maximum and doctors would work to resuscitate him. The doctor asked if we wanted to continue his care as they were about to take extreme measures that could mean further complications for Xander in the future (already being at risk of brain damage and cerebral palsy due to his prematurity and brain hemorrhage). We were so invested and so in love with this little 490gram baby that we wanted to do everything to save him, he was put on a high frequency ventilator that vibrated his chest and was helping to blow the Co2 out of his body. We couldn’t leave his bedside, too afraid to go to bathroom Incase he stopped breathing, every minute felt like a lifetime, we were at the edge of our seat. We watched all the equipment monitoring his stats and working to keep him alive. This equipment is donated to hospitals by the Humpty Dumpty foundation. On this day, numerous amounts of equipment was used to save Alexander’s life but this was only one day of many hard days when he needed life saving equipment. Please show you’re support and help us raise money for the 1 in 9 babies born that are admitted to NICU or special care units needing medical equipment. On behalf of Alexander we thank you for your support.

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09 May 2019

Alexander at 8 weeks old, this is when he was 1kg. It took 2 months for him to gain 500grams.
Here he is still dependent on a ventilator that is breathing for him when he forgets to breath.

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