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Corporate Sponsorship Packages 2021

Corporate Sponsorship Packages 2021

8:30AM - 12:00PM Sunday 30th May 2021
Mosman, NSW
Registrations for this event are now closed.

The Balmoral Burn offers organisations the opportunity to build a strong culture, boost team spirit and give back to the community with our Corporate Sponsorship.

It is an ideal opportunity for companies who believe in a work/life balance, team building and doing good for others.

With registrations now open for 2021, it’s time to start rallying your employees and letting them know that your organisation is dedicated to helping sick children.

Last year we introduced a new sponsorship package to elevate your brand and make a difference. As a Race Category Naming Rights Sponsor, your company will have the opportunity to align your brand with this iconic Sydney event, whilst supporting kids in hospital.

View the sponsorship opportunities here.

What are the Corporate Relay Races and how do they work?

The Corporate Relay Race Categories are: 

  • Corporate Burn A 4 x 420m (for serious runners and company employees)
  • Corporate Burn B 4 x 420m (for serious runners; company employees and/or non-company employees)
  • Humpty's Dash 4 x 105m
  • Banking & Finance relay 4 x 105m
  • Motor Industry relay 4 x 105m
  • Hill of Hurt

The Corporate Team Races A and all have four runners per team and is run in the below format:

  • All four runners in the team should make their way to the holding bays located at the start line. Here you will get in your running order, i.e. Runner 1, Runner 2, Runner 3, then Runner 4. Each team member starts at the start line located at the bottom of Awaba Street.
  • At the starters gun, Runner 1 starts running up the hill to cross the finish line (the full 420 metres).
  • Team members at the bottom of the hill on the start line, must listen out for their bib number to be called out over the PA system. When you hear your number called for example: "108 GO", that is the cue for the next runner to start. Have your listening ears turned on!
  • Each team member must run/walk up the hill (420m) and cross the finish line in order for the Team to register a 'Team Time', this is the combined times of all four runners.

Humpty's Dash (including industry specific races Motor Industry and Banking & Finance) is a true relay event where each runner only covers a 105m leg of the 420m racecourse before passing the baton to the next runner. It is still a four-person team relay and each runner must be an employee of the sponsoring company. Corporate teams participating in Humpty's Dash (including industry specific races) MUST assemble at the start line at 11.30am for start line marshalling.

For the Hill of Hurt Relay, all four runners start at the same time with the four times being combined to form the team time. To learn more about Hill of Hurt, click here.

View all race times here.

2021 Balmoral Burn Dates:

Sponsors’ Dinner – Friday 14 May

Race Day – Sunday 30 May

To find out more please call Humpty on 02 9419 2410 or email claire.reaney@humpty.com.au